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  • What is Handball?
    Handball is one of the biggest sports in Europe, ranked just below Soccer (football) in most countries. It is a fast-paced sport, akin to water polo on land. Handball features prominently during each Summer Olympics.
  • When is training?
    Our first come-and-try days will be held in Carlingford on Tuesday, 3rd October and Thursday, 5th October. Head over to the events page to book your free come-and-try. Note: We're currently sourcing new times and locations for training sessions. Get in touch to let us know what places and times suit you best.
  • Where is training?
    This Summer, we are running a series of outdoor trainings in a fun casual setting. We're adding new training venues shortly; get in touch to find out where's next.
  • How Much is Training?
    Our come-and-try sessions are free of charge. Outdoor training sessions are $100 per 10 weeks and indoor sessions are $150 per 10 weeks.
  • Who runs training?
    Training is run by nationally & internationally accredited coaches with a passion for Handball.
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